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Understanding & Selecting Funeral Products - Colonial Funeral Home

Understanding & Selecting Funeral Products


Whether you are arranging a funeral for a loved one who has just passed away or pre-planning your own service, navigating the waters of a funeral arrangement can be difficult. One such area that many families struggle with is the selection of funeral products.

Whether it is a casket or an urn, this will serve as the final resting place for loved one’s remains. It is important to select a product that you feel reflects their tastes and does not sacrifice on quality or beauty. Nowadays, this decision can be harder than ever with manufacturers producing a range of products in various styles and designs.

To help you better understand the options of products available to you, we have compiled this helpful guide to understanding funeral products.


Traditional caskets and containers are designed to meet the needs of both cremation and burial requests. Today’s caskets are available in a selection of different materials and sizes to meet the needs of every family. The two most popular choices of caskets are wooden caskets and metal caskets. Within each category is a selection of more specific materials like mahogany (wood) and bronze (metal).

selecting a wooden casket

Wooden Caskets

The wooden caskets we offer are handcrafted like pieces of beautiful furniture. Many people select a wooden casket for its unique graining pattern and the warmth and natural beauty of wood. We offer a selection of over 15+ styles of hard and soft wood caskets that typically come with a velvet or crepe interior material.

selecting a metal casket

Metal Caskets
If your family is looking for a more durable casket that is built to last, a metal casket may be the choice for you. The majority of metal caskets today are referred to as “protective” caskets due to the rubber gasket that runs along the inner lid of the container. Once closed, the gasket forms a seal protecting the deceased from the air and other gravesite elements entering the interior of the casket. We offer our metal caskets in a range of materials including copper, bronze, and stainless steel.


selecting a cremation urn

As the popularity of cremation continues to rise, more and more manufacturers have begun to expand their range of cremation urns available. Many have said that selecting an urn can be even more difficult than selecting a casket as most people display the urn somewhere in their home.

To help make this process easier and meet the unique tastes and styles of each family, we offer a wide selection of cremation urns in popular styles like wood, marble, ceramic, bronze, and other new materials.

A cremation urn is less a container to store remains and more a tasteful piece of art you can proudly display within your home. Many of the urns available today are now sculpted figures and pieces of art that are handcrafted.

Cremation Jewelry & Keepsakes

selecting a keepsake and jewelry

A growing trend among many families is to purchase a piece of cremation jewelry or keepsake to keep a part your loved one with you forever. Many of the elegantly crafted pieces of jewelry come constructed from high-quality silver or gold and allow you to pay tribute to your loved one.

Some of the most common items people store within these keepsakes are a piece of the deceased’s hair, a petal from a flower at their service, or a little bit of their cremated remains. Within each of these keepsakes, a piece of your loved one lives on with you forever. To others, they see a beautiful piece of jewelry, but to you, you feel a connection with your loved one that will never fade.

At Colonial Funeral Home, we understand that today’s families are looking for cremation jewelry and keepsakes that are not only beautiful but also affordable. This is why we ensure we only sell high-quality pieces at prices families can afford.

Burial and Cremation Vaults

A cremation or burial vault is a special product that is used to protect the casket or urn when it is buried in the ground. Today, most vaults are made of concrete and are required by most cemeteries. The primary purpose of a burial vault is to protect the casket and keep the grave from sinking. Over time, the weight of the soil and passage of foot traffic and cemetery equipment can cause the ground to collapse the casket. A burial vault solves this problem by being constructed from a durable material that can withstand the weight.

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