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Paying Tribute to a Loved One in 2017 | Colonial Funeral Home

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Paying Tribute to a Loved One in 2017

Thursday, May 4, 2017

video condolences paying tribute Colonial Funeral Home

“Times they are changing”, when Bob Dylan released his iconic song in 1963, he was referencing the civil rights movement that was happening in the US. Today, that quote means something very different than it did 54 years ago. Technology has drastically changed how we can communicate with each other. Advancements to technology have allowed families and friends to connect with each other from across the world.

In the funeral home world, technology advancements have made it easier to pay tribute to a loved one. What once could only be said in person or through a letter, can now be said through online tributes and video condolences.  

When you lose a loved one, obviously you want to go to their service to pay tribute to them and celebrate their life. For some though, you may be in a situation where attending the service just isn’t possible.  In today’s digital world, that doesn’t mean you can’t pay tribute.  In the past, you could only read someone’s obituary in a newspaper.  Today, not only can read the obituary online, but you can leave your own online tributes and condolences. You can even share the obituary and your condolence with hundreds of others in your network to see.

Video condolences have taken paying tribute one step further.  Now instead of simply writing a condolence, you can record a video and leave it for the family to see.  Video condolences allow you to add a more personal touch.  What makes them even better, is that you can leave a video condolence from anywhere.  You can simply record it on your phone, tablet, or computer and you can upload it immediately.

Colonial Funeral Home has an online platform referred to as the Book of Memories that digitalizes how people pay tribute, honor and celebrate a loved one’s life.

The Book of Memories is an online platform that allows people to connect and pay tribute like never before. Friends and family can go online to leave condolences, share photos, make a charitable donation, light a candle, and send flowers to the family.  In addition to all of this, the funeral home can create a memorial DVD using photos provided by friends and family.  The video can then be uploaded and viewed online as well.  Sharing everything from the Book of Memories is easier than ever before. With a few clicks, it can be emailed and shared across social media. 

book of memories logo online tributes

The Book of Memories is truly innovative with its webcasting feature.  Now people who are unable to attend a service can view it online.  While they may not be there physically, webcasting allows them to still be part of the event.

Furthermore, the Book of Memories provides service details that lists dates and times for visitations, services, and internments. Taking that one step further, it even provides a link to Google maps so guests know where to go. 

The digital world we live in today is a beautiful place.  Advancements to technology have modernized the funeral industry. From across the world, people can offer sympathy and support during a very difficult time.  When you lose a loved one, it’s the people around you that help you grieve and continue to move forward.  In today’s digital world, that support network can be even larger. 

Learn more about Colonial Funeral Home and the steps we are taking to better honor, grieve, and celebrate the life of loved ones.  

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